Privacy Policy

This document describes the Vaal Triangle Systems Pvt. Ltd. privacy policy as it applies to this web site ( This web site may contain links to other web sites. Those sites are governed by their own privacy policies. Vaal Triangle bears no responsibility for them.


Vaal Triangle Systems Pvt. Ltd. may make changes to this privacy policy periodically. Such changes are reflected in this page only. It is the site visitor’s responsibility to review this policy from time to time.

Data Collection

Most of this site may be viewed without providing any personal identity information.

The IP address of your computer is logged, but it is difficult to trace this back to individual users, and Vaal Triangle makes no attempt to do so.

The Vaal Triangle web server also collects site usage information, such as which pages were visited and the length of time of each visit. This information is used for aggregate statistical purposes only. No attempt is made to trace this information back to an identifiable user. For the purposes of this policy, it is not considered personal information.

When personal information is collected, it is explicit and obvious. This information may be required to perform certain functions or access otherwise restricted areas of the site. You may choose to withhold the requested information and forego the corresponding function or access.

Information Usage

Personal information gathered from this site is used by Vaal Triangle Systems Pvt. Ltd., its affiliates, subsidiaries, and partners for the furtherance of your business relationship with Vaal Triangle only. These activities include, but are not confined to, notifying you of product upgrades, new Vaal Triangle initiatives, conferences, etc.

Vaal Triangle does not provide personal information collected from this site to unrelated third parties and does not permit its use for the marketing of any products except Vaal Triangle’s.

Collected information is stored in one or more databases controlled by Vaal Triangle Systems Pvt. Ltd. Such information may be transferred across national boundaries and stored in a country other than where it was collected. Vaal Triangle takes reasonable measures to ensure that the integrity of such information is not compromised and that it is not readily available to unauthorized parties.

Notwithstanding the above, Vaal Triangle may be compelled to provide any information collected to a proper law-enforcement authority.


This site may place a small file on your computer to facilitate your use of the site. For example, if you choose to register and provide personal information on this site, your e-mail address may be stored in this file on your machine and subsequently be used to pre-fill a form field. The information stored in this file may change from time to time.

You may choose to prevent this behavior by setting your browser to block cookies, but this may interfere with your ability to perform some functions on this site.

Information Accuracy

Vaal Triangle Systems Pvt. Ltd. does not make any claims as to the completeness and accuracy of the information provided on this website.